Why Raven?

Ask any IT company what makes it different and the good ones will always say their people.

Raven was established in 1981. To put that in perspective, that is the same year that IBM launched the PC, and with it, Microsoft launched the first version of MS-DOS.

Think about that for a second. How many companies do you know who have been part of an industry since its inception? Raven has been a key player in IT services as long as there have been IT Services.

For 35 years, Raven has kept pace with an ever changing landscape, and remained at the top of our game throughout.

Experience is everything in IT. Technology changes at a phenomenal rate, but there is an understanding of how everything fits together and why things do or don’t work that comes with experience, and knowledge of the whole evolutionary process that brought us to where we are today. Between them, the Raven Technical team has more than 300 years of experience.

Technology itself will only take you so far. The real trick is understanding how to apply it to your business. Which brings us back to experience. Over the years, Raven has worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We take the time to understand your business, what you do and how you do it, so we can help to make it better.

Raven has an exceptionally wide skillset, which positions us well to advise our customers on IT strategy, provide a one-stop-shop to our customers and avoids having to bounce our customers between contractors and 3rd parties.

Raven invests heavily in quality and certification, as demonstrated by the Investors in People award we have held for nearly 20 years. We were the very first company in the UK to be awarded BS5750 (now ISO9001) certification for Computer services.

On the technical front, we maintain top tier accreditation’s with all our major vendors. We hold a variety of Microsoft competencies, as well as HP Preferred Partner, DELL Silver Partner, and VMWare Professional Partner, amongst others.

All of our technical staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals. We don’t staff the helpdesk with unskilled drones following a script, like many of our competitors do. Everybody from frontline helpdesk support right through to senior management is externally certified in the technologies we supply.

Similarly, all of our sales staff are Microsoft Certified Sales Specialists, and Microsoft Certified Licensing Professionals. They too get regularly assessed under exam conditions to ensure they know their stuff.

People sometimes ask us why having got in at the ground floor, we are not the size of Google. We believe that to do what we do, there is a sweetspot.

Too big, and you lose the personal touch. As a company, we take the time to get to know our customers, to forge relationships so that IT has a
friendly face, not a scary phone number. We strive to understand what you do, so we can help you do it better. We couldn’t do that if we were a big, faceless organisation.

Likewise, too small and you lose the ability to deliver on commitments, to maintain the skillset needed to give good, sound advice, and to resolve problems in a timely fashion.

That’s why we think we are just right!

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