Raven Eye is our suite of managed monitoring and security services.

From centralised, proactive management of your computers, servers and mobile devices, to complete managed backup, filtering and cloud-based infrastructure, we have a comprehensive range of solutions to keep your systems in optimal condition.

Raven-Eye Remote Monitoring: A Revolution in IT Support

A hosted, “cloud-based” service, Raven-Eye takes a focused approach to IT support. Rather than respond to problems, our automated system proactively monitors your IT infrastructure so we can nip problems in the bud before they disrupt your business.

Raven-Eye Round-the-Clock Monitoring turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed – often involving time-consuming “systems fiddling” on your part – Raven-Eye will alert us to problems at your sites. We’ll often know about a systems issue before you do, so we can fix it fast and minimize business disruption.
Raven-Eye checks your critical systems every few minutes. Whenever it sniffs a problem, it sends an email or an SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem directly to our technicians. They’ll see the true nature of the problem – rather than having to depend on (ahem) your best guess. That means we can fix it faster – and radically boost your overall uptime.

Raven Eye Antivirus

Antivirus technology should be standard on any device these days, but if it is not kept up to date, it cannot protect you against the latest threats.  Just one machine falling behind on its updates can expose an entire network to emerging threats.

Raven Eye Antivirus snaps into our state of the art proactive management portal, so weak links can be identified quickly. Multiple scanning engines and shared telemetry across thousands of devices give you the best possible chance of protecting against zero-day threats.

In the event of an outbreak or new threat, we can take preventative action quickly and quietly, across our entire customer base, before the damage can be done.

Raven Eye Antispam

Hate spam? Raven Eye Anti-spam will help you give it the heave-ho once and for all.  A cloud-based solution, email is scanned and filtered before it gets near your network, using a series of algorithms that filter viruses and difficult-to-detect spam.

While most spam filters work on a “Spam or not” yes/no basis, we introduce a 3rd category of InfoMail – email that you might want to read if you get round to it, but probably don’t want clogging up your mailbox.  These arrive in a handy digest a few times a day, so you can decide what you want to see.

Raven Eye Email Continuity

Email server down?  You know someone has sent you an email, and you need to reply to it quickly?

With Raven Eye Email Continuity, you can access pending emails, and carry on replying, while we crack on and fix your email server.  Once the server is back online, everything that happened while it was gone just gets synched back to the server as if nothing happened!

Raven-Eye Email Archive

A complete, tamper-proof, indelible archive of all email sent and received by your organisation, kept securely for as long as you want it.

Perform eDiscovery across all your users mailboxes, even if they have deleted the message.  Delivery information and headers are preserved to prove your case in the event of any dispute or legal wrangling.

Raven-Eye Cloud Backup

Rest easy and let Raven-Eye secure your data with its affordable cloud backup and storage solutions. We help you protect your business by securing your most important asset – your data.

Whether it’s a hardware failure, a virus or a total disaster in the shape of a flood or fire, no need to panic, we’ve got it covered! Our geographically resilient data stores keep your backups safe and sound and, importantly, ready for you at those critical moments.

Our best of breed solution includes powerful features like:

  • Continuous recovery
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Virtual server restore
  • Data archiving
  • Hybrid cloud backup services with on- and off-site storage in a single product Brick-level Exchange restore
  • VMware and Hyper-V backups
  • Customisable data retention
  • Reduced backup windows
  • Ultra-secure data storage
  • And more

Raven-Eye Cloud Infrastructure – Powered by Microsoft Azure

The cloud is definitely where everything is headed, so isn’t it time you got on board with it? Believe us when we say it’ll make your life easier and reduce your company’s costs too. With Raven-Eye Cloud Infrastructure, we take the mystery and peril out of standard cloud-based solutions.  You tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll do the rest via a fixed monthly cost. Built on solid, mainstream platforms like Microsoft Azure, systems are always integrated with our class-leading Raven-Eye monitoring and management platform.

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