Virtual IT Manager

Strategic IT planning for SME

Let us do the hard work! If you prefer a completely “hands off” relationship with your infrastructure, you’ll love our Virtual IT Manager offering that allows you to benefit from our decades of experience on an as-needed basis.

For most small to medium sized organizations, hiring a full time IT Manager can be cost-prohibitive and often overkill.


Providing a flexible, cost-effective alternative to recruiting in-house IT management, our Virtual IT Manager is designed to provide the expertise and support you require. For a budgeted monthly fee, our experienced consultants can be your “go-to guy” for everything IT.


Your VIM will assist with:


  • IT Policy
  • Budgets
  • IT Roadmap
  • Project planning
  • Third part suppliers and procurement
  • On-site support


This is a totally bespoke service that can be tailored to meet your organization’s requirements.

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Solution Design

Raven designs solutions around your needs - not the technology. We take the time to understand your business - how you operate, your aims and hurdles, so we can help you do it better.

Strategic planning, budgeting, the go-to guy for anything with a plug - IT Manager's do much more than just keep the systems running. But a full-time IT Manager may be more than a growing SME can justify. Raven's Virtual IT Manager service plugs those gaps until you are ready to hire one.

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Our dedicated Helpdesk is staffed entirely by Microsoft Certified Professionals, so you don't have to waste your time explaining your issue to a note taker with a script!

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"The Cloud" is undoubtedly the future, and offers great value to businesses with minimal investment, but like any big step should be handled with care. Raven has been managing hosted services much longer than the modern cloud has been around, and we are well versed in the ups, downs and pitfalls of moving to a hosted service.

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The network is the lifeblood of any system - carrying your information and connecting all your devices.  It makes it all happen. It can also be the difference between smooth running and a slow, unstable nightmare, frustrated users and poor productivity.

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Cost-effective solutions for complex projects. Our proven processes consistently meet our clients’ objectives, helping us establish an unparalleled record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

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The success of any IT project hinges on the implementation. The key to this is knowing what you are doing, and that takes experience. Raven's consultants are all seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience, and more badges than an overenthusiastic cub-scout.

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