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[mevo_title title=”Welcome to Raven Computers” color=”#002857″]

Raven was founded in 1981.  That’s before the launch of the very first PC.


We have worked with every version of Windows, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL etc. since the beginning, and we know IT inside out.

From modest-size jobs to large-scale operations, we can tackle just about any problem and we’ll always put our all – along with 35 years’ experience – into your project.

Find out more about Raven here.


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[mevo_intro]We told you we could help you with a host of IT-related queries and in a wealth of different ways – and here are just some of them:[/mevo_intro]
[vc_wp_text title=”Support” el_class=”our_service_4″]Delivering hard-working IT solutions to all our customers, we’re absolutely committed to ensuring the day-to-day running of your business is always smooth, always seamless… more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Consultancy” el_class=”our_service_4″]Our technical consultancy service is designed with your business in mind. Bringing over 30 years’ industry experience to your firms, we’ll offer tailored advice to ensure…. more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Virtual IT Manager” el_class=”our_service_4″]Like the idea of someone managing your IT infrastructure but don’t have the capacity for a full-time member of staff in the office? Don’t worry; we can do the hard work remotely…. more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”LAN, WAN, MPLS, Wireless and More ” el_class=”our_service_4″]Here at Raven Computers, we make it simple for your business to enjoy the infrastructure it requires. We can help with everything from the implementation of a new network to upgrading an existing one.. more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Project Management ” el_class=”our_service_4″]Complex project on the go? Our project management solution is a cost-effective service that helps mitigate risk and save you money. Starting with an initial evaluation, we later address and implement… more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Cloud Services” el_class=”our_service_4″]Want to take your business to the next level? Allow us to help you work even smarter by only making use of the services you need… more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Server Virtualisation ” el_class=”our_service_4″]Every successful business owner has an idea where they’d like their company to be, in say, five or 10 years’ time. So isn’t it great to think you could still achieve what you’re hoping to but with a little less effort? more info[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Microsoft Office 365 ” el_class=”our_service_4″]You’ve made the move to a (well, almost!) paperless environment by saying goodbye to in-trays So why not be really bold and take the leap to a completely digitised office? more info[/vc_wp_text]
[mevo_title size=”h3″ title=”Partners” color=”#ffffff”][mevo_intro color=”#ffffff”]We work with a number of companies here at Raven Computers and have been fortunate enough to form strong partnerships with each.[/mevo_intro]
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[mevo_title title=”Why Raven” color=”#002857″]
[vc_wp_text title=”Accreditation” el_class=”raven_why_3″]As well as ISO9001 and Investors in People, Raven holds top tier accreditation’s with all our key vendors dates.[/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Skilled People” el_class=”raven_why_3″]All our technical staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals, including first line support technicians and even the apprentice! All our sales staff are Microsoft Sales Specialists and Microsoft Certified Licensing Specialists We take our skill-set seriously![/vc_wp_text]
[vc_wp_text title=”Trusted Partner” el_class=”raven_why_3″]As a friendly family business, we take the time to get to know you, your staff, and how you like to do things. Raven has an exceptionally low staff turnover and an exceptionally high customer retention, which comes from building proven, trusted relationships.[/vc_wp_text]
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[mevo_team name=”Alastair Branson” social_facebook=”Technical Support” image=”1376″][vc_empty_space height=”55px”][vc_wp_text el_class=”team_texttitle”]

Alastair Branson

Technical Support

Alastair is part of Raven’s Help Desk team, providing a friendly voice when trouble strikes and you need help.


[mevo_team name=”Steve Etienne” social_facebook=”Operations Director” image=”333″][vc_empty_space height=”55px”][vc_wp_text el_class=”team_texttitle”]

Steve Etienne

Operations Director

Steve oversees customer service and operations. He is here to make sure we look after you.


[mevo_team name=”Kath Brook” social_facebook=”Account Manager” image=”334″][vc_empty_space height=”55px”][vc_wp_text el_class=”team_texttitle”]

Kath Brook

Account Manager

Kath is an account manager, and a certified Microsoft Licensing Specialist. She is here to help, without the hard sell.