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[mevo_intro color=”#2b2b47″]Established in 1982 in Bradford, Raven Computers is one of the UK’s leading providers of Microsoft-based solutions and Internet technology. Our success is based on our exceptional skills base and commitment to selecting and integrating best-of-breed, cutting-edge technology.[/mevo_intro]
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In recognition of our technical skill-set and commercial expertise we have achieved top-level accreditations from the world’s leading IT manufacturers.

From building a comprehensive “e-strategy” through to project managing complete network installations, Raven’s team of highly skilled consultants has many years experience in assisting customers to develop their IT infrastructure and improve business intelligence.

An Internet Service Provider, Raven provides a complete range of Web services from business grade Internet connections to e-Commerce.

Click here to download our corporate brochure.


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Since its foundation Raven has built a strong reputation for supplying solutions that through quality of service and expertise consistently exceed customer expectations.

Raven was the fi rst computer reseller in the UK to obtain BS5750 (now ISO 9002), the British Standard for Quality Control and has recently retained the Investors In People quality standard.


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The most valuable thing Raven can offer its customers is its people. By investing in some of the most experienced and highly qualifi ed people in the industry, we are committed to ensuring that, together with world class technology, Raven continues to offer the best solution, every time.

At every stage of our projects, from initial consultancy through to implementation, you’ll be working with highly skilled, dynamic people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your project a success.


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Raven Computers is a Microsoft Gold Certifi ed Partner; Microsoft’s highest level of certifi cation. This means that we have demonstrated superior levels of successful implementations, capabilities and certifi cation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we are required to meet rigorous requirements for certifi cation and expertise. We have reached the status of Gold Certifi ed Partner by demonstrating increased levels of certifi cation, deep real-world experience and by providing completed customer reference projects that were independently verifi ed by Microsoft.

Raven Computers is a member of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce and we take an active interest in the activities of the Chamber and the local business community. Our consultants write technology based articles for the Chamber’s bi-monthly magazine, Business Plus and we also take part in events to educate business owners and managers on current technological issues, such as security. Raven also supplies IT support and services to the Chamber, and has set up the Chamber’s network and many of its systems.

To get details of our Awareness Seminar with the Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Please click here


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Raven constantly strives to offer the best solution at the best value for money. We believe this is refl ected in the make up of our client base of thousands of customers – from small businesses to multinational corporations, fi nancial, educational and healthcare institutions.

Raven Computers was registered on 28/01/1983 Registration Number 1695445[/vc_wp_text]

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